How We Do It

Assessing Your Needs

Identifying food manufacturer by-products, such as surplus bread, cakes, biscuits and cereals, as high-energy and nourishing ingredients for our animal feeds, we work with manufacturers to utilise these products that would otherwise have no value or use.

Guaranteeing a seamless service from beginning to end, we assess each food manufacturer’s needs individually and work with them to put a bespoke infrastructure in place to meet their requirements.

Transforming your By-Product

Once collected by our drivers, the by-products are delivered to our Lancashire site and transformed into blends of balanced animal feed, retaining essential nutrients and adhering to industry-accredited standards.


The result is full-circle-farming, with livestock reared on our feed delivering high-quality produce, such as dairy products, beef, pork and lamb back into the food chain. For food manufactures, meanwhile, it is a smart, sustainable and cost-effective way to dispose of by-products, lessening the industry’s impact on the climate and boosting green credentials.

Key Benefits