About Us

JMS Sustainable Feed Solutions provides an innovative, environmentally-friendly and viable use for food manufacturer by-products.

Our History

Based in Lancashire, we are a family business with more than 60 years’ farming experience in dairy, beef, poultry, sheep and pigs. Having gained a thorough understanding of the key ingredients required to create high-quality feed for our own livestock, we diversified into manufacturing animal feed at our mill on the farm in 2005.

Our Products

Now producing nutrient-rich ruminant feeds for our own farm, local farmers, and delivering further afield, we have gone one step further to ensure our feeds benefit not only farming communities and their livestock, but also the environment with a reduction in food going to landfills.

JMS Bakery Client
"JMS Feeds are our first and preferred choice when it comes to food surplus and by-product. They provide an accredited service which includes the provision of clean, hygienic waste receptacles, reactive and planned collection schedules and comprehensive weight reporting & invoice generation. JMS Feeds take all the necessary steps so that dealing with this commodity is hassle free and legally compliant: they are a pleasure to be associated with”